Duct Repair and Replacement Services

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Ducts are ventilating passages. They help in exchange for air. A clean duct obviously has a smooth movement of air. Whereas, a duct filled with debris is not pleasant. Firstly, duct repair includes inspection. Repairing a ductwork and then installing a new ductwork is the process. Furthermore, this comes at a low cost.

When should ducts be repaired? 

  1. Leak detection – Firstly, the inspection team will check for leaks and cracks in the tubes. This can create problematic situations. 
  2. Debris – Ducts can get very dirty. They can get different kinds of debris inside them. Furthermore, infestation of insects also happens. 
  3. Timespan – Ducts usually last for 10-15 years. This is their life-span. It’s enough time to make them old and weak. Common problems are pests, dirt, debris, gaps, cracks and collapsed sections. 
  4. Clogged ducts – Clogged ducts need treatment. It’s better to replace it with a better one. 
  5. Allergies – Are you getting sick frequently? Ducts can bring in dirty air. Moreover, they collect allergens in them. Pest infestations can cause more illnesses and damage. 
  6. Mould and odours – Obviously debris includes moulds. Moulds bring in odours. Check your HVAC. Is it giving you a bad vibe? Then it’s probably time to get it checked. 
Duct Repair and Replacement Services

Methods of duct cleaning  

If these above signs seemed familiar. Call in a duct repair Melbourne service. They will fix it or replace it according to the situation. These are some of the methods used 

  1. Duct taped – The tapes seal leaky ductwork. They are like aluminium foils. It is a reliable method. It is also not so time consuming. 
  2. Aerosol duct sealant – This is durable and cost-effective. This method treats the hard areas. 
  3. Mastic – This is a resin based treatment. It is a sealant.

Professionals use different methods to seal your ducts. To fix your ventilation system the team will treat it appropriately. 

Choose us For Duct Repair And Replacement Services

We are a professional duct repair company. Damages in ducts should not be avoided. They should be treated immediately. Also, duct cleaning is a must. We will work according to your preferences. Firstly, we will make an inspection appointment. Later, we will fix your HVAC ducts accordingly. Call My Duct Cleaner whenever you notice leaks or weak ducts.